No. 023 In A Major - If Only My Love I Want To Give Was Answered

Love is a beautiful story.
At least it should be.

I've known love in my life.
but where IS LOVE now?

I met someone on the internet.
It promised to be a big deal.
That's how we felt the same way.,
we had the same dreams in mind,
we had the same fantasy.

what we felt for each other was incredibly beautiful.
This was also why i did compose this musicpiece for her.
And also the reason why I did this cover.

Until she said the words from Sweden:
I'm going to date someone else anyway, and that's why I don't want to be in contact anymore because otherwise I don't feel loyal to this person.

With tears in my eyes, I composed this piece of music.

and now i'm sitting here all alone.

will there be love for me anywhere in the world?!

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