De Nederlandse zuurgraad is verhoogd.

The Dutch acidity is increased.

The Dutch acidity is increased.

Let's start with something nice first.

I used to come to a neighbour's house all the time.
and every time I came to this woman,
then I saw a woman. no skin color!
I saw interesting differences.

But to make the story clear,
this neighbor was a lady with dark brown skin.
Very well taken care of, and her skin always shone in the sun
long gray hair, always a respectful lady,
well dressed, and especially very nice to everyone.

Every time I came to her, she'd sit in the backyard on a chair in the sun.
and no matter how many times I got there, I was always welcome.
she was like she said, " reading Rice."
when I was a kid, I thought she was literally reading rice like there were letters on it.
or that the grains of rice were in The Shape of a letter.

The lovely neighbor laughed and said:
"dear boy, we Surinamers have learned from home that when you buy rice you clean it. This is how we take out all the seeds, brown grains and pebbles in between.,
and that, dear, is what we call rice reading."

But neighbor, you do this every day, and it takes so long.
"I only give my family the best of the best food, so I put love in my food, and it calms me down.”

Meanwhile, she hummed some songs.
I didn't recognize any of them.
she also explained these songs to me.
"Darling, we Surinamers are proud of where we come from.
that's why we sing these songs. You want me to teach you something?”
I agreed, and then I got to hear faya si tong, and ala presi.
it's beautiful! and she sang it so soft and intimate with her warm voice and beautiful accent.

If I told her what I was going through, she'd have the most beautiful wisdom.
what a wonderful woman.

And my grandmother, too, could have come out of the corner. my grandmother was Indonesian.
but what wisdom she had! and boy, what a past!
The more Grandma told me about her past, the more modest the neighbor was.
the slumlord never complained.
she also literally said, " If you want to enjoy life, don't complain.",
but enjoying the little things.
In elementary school,we had a boy in class who was also black.
But what a nice guy he was!
He was also very tall and the boy wouldn't let him play with him.
Kids in class wanted to be part of this tough guy.,
and started talking some Surinamese words.
Oh, now they were tough, too.

You hear a lot of people say,”things used to be prettier."
and then you hear other people say,”society is changing."
and I say, yes, everything used to be nicer.

Of course things change.,
But is any change a good one?!

whether it be the Dutchman or the Netherlands itself,
the changes should be good, but the acidity is now so high,
that with the acidity of the Netherlands you can now have a hole in 50CM thick steel bite.

and why is this? in my opinion!
and yes, you may disagree,
but this, in my opinion, is what I share.

and let me be clear, I share this with respect for anyone!
Do you have a heart where you let people in? then I have a heart for you.
do you respect me? then I have that for you.
person of other nationality?
person with particular religion?
person of particular sexual orientation?
I don't care! you're human, just like me!

This acidity is mainly due to a minority in society.
who ruins it for the rest of us.

That minority consists of:
Extreme vegans who force everyone to stop eating meat and fish.
Extremists who think anyone with a different Tan is “foreigner."
Extremists who regard faith as truth and go further out of the way of facts.
Extremists who want to ban Black Pete
Extremists who ……………

in short, extremists! those are the minorities!
Not the people of color,
not the people with respect
not the people with standards and values
not the people who live their lives without extremism.
From now on, let's mix some truths with extremism.
(so don't feel attacked!!! I'm taking extremist 1, and I'm facing extremist 2 here.)
So this is not how I actually think as a person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only with the bit of reality I'm adding.

* Meat = murder
* Eating meat is pathetic!

* Weed is not a vegetable, stay away from it and just eat meat and keep your mouth shut!
* he soybean flashes an end

We've been eating meat for millions of years.
in the past, animals were injured so they could not go on.,
then we hit them with stones to make sure they got a little drunk and they couldn't get up all of a sudden.,
to be dismembered with a blunt stone or a dull knife.
to finally die in pain after hours.

These days, this happens neatly in a slaughterhouse.
the animals come in as they are used to.,
they walk around like they're used to.,
they have to go through a fence like they're used to.,
and ……………. no pain, but dead at once.

But through these extremists (and the euro), we are now paying cross-eyed for a piece of meat.
In fact, the second chamber is now discussing a meat ax.
Why? is the meat not expensive enough in relation to the meagre salaries we get?!

* Allahu akbar - a bomb goes off
* you Dutchman cunt you Dutchman racist
* we Moroccans are better than your fucking people: Hey Girl, Hey whore!

* Fuck off joh (curse word/disease) foreigner
* go back to your own country

By extremists such as ISIS who also have Muslim faith,
and the ridiculous behaviour of certain groups of Moroccans in different countries
Muslims are now considered dangerous because the words allahu akbar are supposedly dangerous when it means nothing but”God is great".
you know, whatever the average Christian says.
Everyone worships his god, whether he really exists or not.,
it doesn't matter.
let each other be valued and act by the standards!

* to whistle and comment on women as a group
* always be loud as a group even though you know this is not wanted
* deliberately threatening people and saying " We " are better
* pronounce yourself as an antillian as better than the rest of the world
* use the street language extremely violently and think you're tough with this

* go to your own land monkey
* you Blacks are always loud, shut up man
* we whites are better than you
* go be better in your own country
* the street language is taken over, but also hated

Not all dark colored skin tins are antillian.
The street language is mainly used by those who are extremist in any form whatsoever.
The street language is not only used by antillians
Antillians can talk in peace.
All people seem to come from the monkey people, but doesn't give you the right to say it to someone like that.
No one is better than anyone else, because we are all human!

* we decide what is good for the Netherlands
* we make everything as complicated as possible so that the citizen does not understand
* we go against people's will to push through what we want
* Extremism is also admitted to us including extremist statements
* we call ourselves elected representatives, but do not listen to the people
* we apply double standards

* every government employee is a moron
* Officials of any kind are lazy and stupid
* if even the government says that Muslims/antillians/Moroccans are bad, then so be it.
* the government is blind to what happens
If the government or the second chamber were to be careful with its statements,
because it is forgotten that they are exemplary.
If taxes, benefits, allowances etc.are now better regulated and made easier, no one has anything to complain about.
If words like insurance (equal to guarantor) are treated like this again,
then the Dutch language does not decay, and so the “own risk” is a very stupid thing.
If, for once, there are no laws of extremists, such as discussions on a vleestax and other weirdness, then society will not express itself as extremist.
If debates are different and more effective than:
I'm not answering, yes, but then you were, and now you are (what elementary school children normally do) and literally take responsibility.,
then there will be no big discussion, but at best a disagreement without finger pointing.

and as laws are observed by the whole government (including police) ,
then people won't have to worry about this anymore.
because if a Cop can't get his revenge because you were just a little smarter,,
and he can't arrest you there criminally, then he just makes a (false) care notification.
and then you still get caught in a way.
even if you have to go over your kids ' backs.
and now, put people on what they actually have degrees for.
a minister of Health who knows more about taxes, that makes no sense.

and if the law for one is money, but for the other less,
whether the punishment is for one more than the other,
then there is no uniformity, or uniformity, and there is a conflict.
and if even a mayor is allowed to demonstrate with impunity, but the citizen himself is not,
then there is discrimination against both the mayor who is more important than the citizen, and discrimination against the judge who continues to punish The Citizen on the basis of, yes, but the mayor can.
no, the mayor is an example function!
And when the Royal House has nothing more to say in society,
then why pay this one so big?
And if the citizens vote against the EU, why do this anyway?
and if you give the extremist minorities a stage and even act according to their thinking, then you are not talking about democracy but about bureaucracy at the top! or dictatorship.

If a citizen's own choice is banned by means of, among other things, ridiculously high costs through excise duties etc, but keep salaries low,
the public will no longer have confidence in the government.
a shag with papers costs 14.95, (33 old guilders)
The meat costs between EUR 5 and EUR 9 per 400 grams,and you are talking about a meat tax?! while Candy and cake costs no more than 50 cents to a euro.
Limiting smoking under the name of Public Health and thus taking away the freedom of choice,
but in the meantime, drugs are tolerated, which the law clearly says is forbidden.
and even calling on investors to finance drugs, but limiting smoking (which has a much lower impact in proportion) as a free choice.

Very vehemently complaining about nitrogen, while this is not a problem,
and if it was a problem, then subsidize car racing, aircraft shows etc (or entertainment with no real purpose) with big co2 and nitrogen emissions, and allow despite complaining environment that is affected by this.

* Black Pete is racism
* the golden carriage is racism because it has decorations on it
* the efteling is racism because there is a colored as a pop

* fuck off to your own country
* you are yourselves the greatest racists
you Monkey you need to shut the fuck up

Black piet is nothing but camouflage
and why the Black color?
because black absorbs light and makes the recognizable lines of sight unrecognizable.

If we just look at a tan instead of what it's used for,
if we do not want to see the intention of ets but only call on color,
If we have to ban dolls or ornaments on the basis of a colour,

Then what are we doing?!
the golden carriage was given to the Royal House years ago.
the efteling is an amusement park there is no purpose to ridicule people, this is all based on caricature.

Black piet is the St Nicholas ' servant, who gives out gifts, and wears the color black as a camouflage so the children do not know that they are family or neighbors.
every black piet has the Black color, the same package, and are all the same.

but when you say the servant, some people say that's not good either.
Why? a deckhand (on a ship) is sometimes months away from home, but comes home with € 500,000 net.
a stable boy (see, for example, Royal House, or police horses) has a higher salary than you and I put together!
So how is a servant a bad thing?

Yeah, but it makes me think of the slave trade.
have you been through slavery?
yeah? all right, then you know slaves don't give out gifts.
no? what are you talking about? you don't even know what it is.
you're saying that as a Dutchman, I should still hate the Germans for what they used to bomb the Netherlands when I wasn't born.
Well, no, thank you! I'd rather hang out with everyone in good harmony.

Will you stop talking about just looking at that Tan?
look at the intent.

and if anyone calls you Black Pete because you are colored,,
Then you have to address that person.

Someone's driving a car and they're deliberately killing someone.
Ban all cars?

someone's pressing a pen down someone's throat to kill,
ban all pens?

someone's calling someone a color for Black Pete.
ban all black beets?

No, the killer will be punished.,
the weirdo in that car loses his license and gets his sentence.
the fool who calls you black as a black man for Black Pete should be punished.

In short, look at what something is meant for, or what it's made for.,
and he who abuses it, you take it, not the party, the purpose, or the means by which this happened.

Final statement:
People should stop looking so narrow-minded.
because nowadays there is always criticism,
but who are you to criticize?!

Can anyone do any good?
can anyone still do what they want?
is everyone just supposed to mind things that don't concern them?
Does free choice really have to be ruined?
If you're skinny, you're on drugs.
When you're fat, you gotta lose weight.
Sometimes when you drink, you're an alcoholic.
If you dress too neatly, you're cocky.
When you get dressed as you please, you let yourself go and you're slobbery.
When you speak your mind, you're rude.
If you don't say anything, you're snobby.
When you're social, you're a party animal.
If you like something in your ass as a man, you're gay.
If you stay with yourself, you'll be detached.
When you're young, you're useless,
when you're old, you're redundant.
and if you're just as hard as you are, you're pathetic.

Stop being prejudiced!
Stop racism.
Stop discrimination
Stop by .............

In short, stop extremism!

In this way, the Netherlands will only become more acidic.

the inhabitants of the Netherlands have all colors and religion and modes
Constitution Article 1 also applies to mayors and politicians

As acidic as the Netherlands is now,
with all extremists
with all kinds of reproach without looking at the actual fact
With all forms of giving each other nothing
With websites specifically designed to burn people down publicly

Is this really the life you want?!
You really want to make this hard on yourself?!
and in fact, do you really want to ruin it for everyone?!

The Dutch acidity is increased.

Let's go back to the time of that wise Surinam woman who was reading her rice.
Who told wisdom, and himself also loved Santa Claus and black piet
in which we in the Netherlands should not give billions to foreign countries
where everyone could be themselves,
and whoever made a mistake was called to account for it.
Where people were valued as human beings regardless of their color or religion.