• The Dutch acidity is increased.

    Let's start with something nice first.

    I used to come to a neighbour's house all the time.
    and every time I came to this woman,
    then I.....

  • Food, History, good choice, and vegan morons.

    Food, this is literally vital.
    and the Neanderthals knew that, too.
    They went hunting to catch and slaughter their meat or fish.

    In history there.....

  • imposed logic VS my logic

    (NOTE: before you start reading,
    The first part of this post, is about the dutch language, and doesn`t make sence in english, but after a while it .....

  • My first Christmas all alone, and that is quite depressing.

    This story in Dutch

    For many years I have said that Christmas is not really my thing.
    What do you .....

  • Reason for not giving a reason

    So many people, so many wishes.
    Well, we know that now.

    But what is it that drives people to do what they do?
    There is a reason for that.

    Now .....

  • Under protest!

    (In het Nederlands: Click here!)

    The whole country is under protest!

    Everyone protests for thei.....

  • The incomprehensible opposite

    Why people are so difficult in life?
    Everyone thinks everything is self-explanatory, but complains about how it should go.
    Look at yourself!

  • Life as a submarine

    Life is full of beautiful things.
    invisible below the surface as it is.
    you always go deeper but always keep on sailing.
    Then you notice that you.....

  • My first time

    It was my first time.
    After I put so much effort and energy into it,
    was it that time. finally I was allowed to do it.

    It was a little awkward .....

  • The foolishness itself

    In every house we sometimes have a great moment.
    Were it not for the fact that a stupid moment is not permanent.
    But where does the bastard company .....